PopOut Mode

PopOut Mode

Pop-out mode allows you to use AL Studio features in Visual Studio Code and external browser windows at the same time. This provides a real multi-window experience for users having multiple monitors.


Settings are located under Visual Studio Code / Gear Icon / Settings / Extensions / AL Studio / PopOut section.

Default Value
Default Browser
Default Browser to be opened in App Mode.
Microsoft Edge
Always Open as Tab
Always open new windows as tab on system default browser.
Custom Browser Launch Command
Mandatory for MacOS platform.
Specify your own custom command line to launch popout browser window.
{0} is the actual that will be substituted.
Unified Search Always External
Always open Unified Search in new window.
Table Fields Always External
Always open Table Fields in new window.
Translations Always External
Always open Translation Manager in new window.
Snapshots Always External
Always open AL Snapshots in new window.
Object Views Always External
Always open Object Viewers/Editors in new window. E.g. Table/Page Editor, Codeunit Viewer.


PopOut button is visible on the top-right corner (left to the app icon) of AL Studio screens that support this feature.

By clicking on the button, either a new browser tab or a new window opens depending upon setting.

Default behaviour on Windows systems is to open Microsoft Edge/Google Chrome in app mode. Should this fail, as a fallback method, a new browser tab will be opened using the default browser.

When * Always External settings are set to Yes, the corresponding screen will open in new window by default.

For example, calling AL Search command will open a new window outside of Visual Studio Code, and it will not be shown within Visual Studio Code as an internal editor tab.

Supported Screens

  • AL Home
  • Unified Search
  • Table Fields
  • Translation Manager
  • Snapshots
  • Table Editor
  • Page Editor
  • Enum Editor
  • Codeunit Viewer
  • Control Add-in Viewer
  • Interface Viewer

Supported Scenarios

Generic multi-window usage

Each supported screen can be used in a standalone window that is movable to secondary monitors.

Using Page Editor to compare visual layouts in multiple windows

You can open many page designs in separate windows to check layout or changes at the same time.

Using multiple Unified Search / Table Field windows

You can open multiple windows to search by different criteria and keep the results at hand.


Some functionality may work differently or may not yet be available in PopOut Mode. Functionality depending on Visual Studio Code features are executed in the connected Visual Studio Code window.

Unsupported Scenarios

Undo PopOut

PopOut calls create new, independent instances of a view, therefore it has no direct relation to the specific internal editor tab in Visual Studio Code. Closing a PopOut window will not "move" the screen back to Visual Studio Code.

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