AL Studio is a Visual Studio Code extension published on Visual Studio Marketplace.

Install from Marketplace

You can get the extension by searching for on the Marketplace website or directly in VSCode / Extensions tab.

Direct link:

Read more details in related Visual Studio Code Documentation.

Manual installation from VSIX package

You can also install VSIX packages downloaded from the Marketplace or received from our team.

Read more details in related Visual Studio Code Documentation.


Activation is only required for Premium version. See Licensing page to learn more about available plans.

Online Activation steps

  1. Make sure you have AL Studio installed from the Marketplace:
  2. Go to page, where you will find an “Active” button. This will open VSCode and perform the activation automatically.

Online Activation Step 1

Online Activation Step 2

(this screenshot was taken from a test account)

Manual Activation steps

  1. Open VSCode
  2. Open commands (Ctrl+Shift+P)
  3. Search for “AL Studio: Activate” command and execute it
  4. An input will appear where you need to paste in the above key
  5. Hit Enter and a notification should appear on the bottom-right side.

Manual Activation

See Also

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